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GEICO Spoiler - Maxwell the Pig

Spoiler is Theater commercial where Maxwell the Pig works at a movie theater and can't help but offer spoilers to guests. Oops!


  • Preview First Aired: July 17, 2013
  • Preview Last Aired: October 26, 2013

Voice Actors

  • Maxwell as Paul Eiding


(Scene movie Theater - people in line near Maxwell the Pig)

Woman: I heard it was REALLY good.

Maxwell: Oh no, it's beyond good. Because like All the way up till the end, you're sure the babysitter did it, but it turns out, "It's the wife." Theater 6. Enjoy.

Man: I know he's dying to see it.

Maxwell: Oh ah, speaking of dying, by the way, I would not get attached to the whale. Because he dies. Theater 2. Enjoy. Total mind blower. The whole time you think it's the future, but it's really the past. (makes a mind blowing expression) He lives. She dies. Boat sinks. First hour you think their ghosts? Nope, aliens. Hope you brought some tissues, 'cuz at the end, her amnesia comes back and she forgets Brad. So sad. Enjoy.