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Cup of tea?

Small Talk is the commercial while the gecko explains the spotted lizard about why no middle man saves hundreds on car insurance. The gecko explains how theatrics can come across as a bit cheesy.


  • Commercial First Aired: November 23, 2005
  • Commercial Last Aired: June 2, 2006

Voice Roles


(Scene: Desert Area - The gecko explains a spotted lizard in the desert area.)

Gecko: Look, here's the deal. When you talk about, you want to communicate three things: Easy to use. No middle man. Could save you hundreds on car insurance. Other than that just sort of being personable. Yeah, the old "Nice weather, ain't it? Cup of tea? That'd be lovely. How's your mum? Cheers."

(The spotted-lizard licks his eyeball with his tongue.)

Gecko: I'd stick with a small talk, mate. Theatrics might come across as a bit cheesy.

(Cut to: GEICO logo)


(Phone: 1-800-947-AUTO)

(Text: Or call the office near you)

VO: GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

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  • The title in GEICO's video library is actually "Eyeball" and the description reads "Easy to use, no middleman, could save you hundreds" in GEICO's website. Check out some of GEICO's rare ads that didn't appear.
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