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Free Pie and Chips

Pie and Chips is a commercial that animals ask if people want free rate quotes from GEICO.

Voice Actors


  • Commercial First Aired: November 23, 2005
  • Commercial Last Aired: August 31, 2006


(Scene: Pond - a gecko trying to sit on a branch while talking to a tan lizard)

Gecko: The thing is: every one wants to save money on their car insurance, you ask if they want free GEICO quotes like asking if they want free... pie and chips. Course they want free pie and chips. Here's pie... with chips, for free! The pie and chips... you get 'em anywhere. GEICO quotes... made from scratch just for you. only at

(almost falls)

(Cut to: GEICO logo - one second after Vo's voice)


(Phone: 1-800-947-AUTO)

(Text: Or call the office near you)

VO: GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.


  • The description in GEICO's video library says "Getting a free rate quote is like pie and chips", this means the bottom url says "pie" instead.
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