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GEICO Maxwell on a Date


Maxwell the GEICO Pig Goes on a Date - New Piggy Commercial

On Date is a commercial where Maxwell was on a date with a Young lady when their car gets overheated. Maxwell uses his GEICO app to get a tow truck before he plays fruit ninja.


  • Commercial first aired: January 27, 2013
  • Commercial last aired: May 30, 2014

Voice Actors


(Scene: Outside the Parking Lot)

Maxwell: And done.

Girl: Did you just. Turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us

Maxwell: Uh no i just. Used my geico app. to get a tow truck its going to be here in 30 minutes.

Girl: Oh. So that means we wont be stuck up here for hours. With. Nothing to do

Maxwell: U oh. Uh. I get it. You. Wanna pass the time

Girl: (Laughs)

(Fruit Nnija Plays)

Maxwell: Fruit Ninja

VO: Emergency roadside assistance. Just click away with the geico mobile app