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NO CAPES!!! is a Commercial where Edna Mode teaches the GEICO Gecko a lesson about capes. Like supers with capes die after saving the day.

GEICO Gecko as Richard Steven Horvitz

Voice of Edna Mode: Brad Bird

Voice of VO as Andrew Anthony

Commercial First Aired: August 6, 2004

Commercial Last Aired: December 31, 2004


(Scene: Metroville; an apartment where Bob Parr went for a 15-year period of imposed retirement to repair damage of his suit - A Gecko sees a gallery of Supers)

Gecko: So since People payed too much for car insurance, They need to save money by switching to GEICO. They need to get a free-rate quote online, over the phone or at your local GEICO office and... (A scissors cuts a green cloth wrapped around his neck) HEY!

???: (off screen) No capes.

(Reveals Edna Mode throwing the cape in the trash)

Gecko: Fool! I'm not a super!

Edna Mode: Then not all supers who wear capes, green guy. You still need to finish your exam.

(Gecko faints)

Edna Mode: Or Not!

(Cut to: GEICO logo, then Title of the movie.)


(Phone: 1-800-947-AUTO)

VO: GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. See The Incredibles. A Disney Presentation of a Pixar film. In theaters November 5th. Rated PG.