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Geico Commercial (2006)

Grandmother's Interview is a commercial while a gecko does a free rate quote except for chatting an associate for needing help.


  • Commercial First Aired: March 7, 2006
  • Commercial Last Aired: April 16, 2007

Voice Actors


(Scene: Grandma's House)

Old Woman: So uh, tell me you're in words a little bit about GEICO.

Gecko: Well it's one stop shopping really, You get a free rate quote, you can compare coverage options, you can file a claim and pay your bills online, even if I have a little "Chat With an Associate" if you need help mate.

Old Woman: But what about you? Can they chat with you?

Gecko: (after not responding, then soft, deeper tone) I'm here for GEICO. Love, let's not delve into my personal life. Eh?

(Logo: GEICO)


(Phone: 1-800-947-AUTO)

(Text: or call the office near you)

VO: GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.


  • The title in GEICO's website of the video library is definitely "Chat" and the description says "One-stop shopping but chat with the Gecko: a bit personal". Maybe this website is just too nitpicky to go with an insurance profibitable watching this thing.
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