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Carolina Golfing


Golfing in the Carolinas - GEICO

Carolina Golfing is a commercial while the GEICO Gecko takes a long shot for every hole in Carolina.


  • Commercial First Aired: May 10, 2017 / March 27, 2022 (reboot)
  • Commercial Last Aired: December 17, 2017

Voice Actors


(Scene: Carolina Golf Club)

Gecko: Oh, hello. Lucky for me, there's some great golf here in the Carolina's. Whether you golf or not, GEICO could help score you some great savings on car insurance, maybe even hundreds of

(golf stick flicks ball at the trees, a windmill, a deer, then flies over the gecko's head)

Gecko: Whoa!

(then golf ball flicked at a tiger, a pirate's bucket, a squid and an alligator's mouth in a hole, then chuckles)

Gecko: A hole in one. And that's a par five, mind you.

(Logo: GEICO)

(Text: Or contact your local office)

VO: See how much you can save on car insurance. Go to today.


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