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The Gecko Finds a Pool Party - GEICO


GEICO TV Commercial, 'The Gecko Finds a Pool Party' iSpot tv

Broken Pipe Under the Ceiling is a commercial while a gecko survives water dripping from the ceiling which the kids are in the swimming pool upstairs.


  • Commercial First Aired: March 26, 2017
  • Commercial Last Aired: October 17, 2017


  • Commercial First Aired: November 23, 2021

Voice Actors


(Scene: Living Room - A gecko in front a small puddle with water dripping from the ceiling)

Gecko: On my travels across the country, I came across this house with water dripping from the ceiling.

(view to see a crack on the ceiling, then back on the counter with the puddle)

Gecko: You never know when something like this will happen, so let the GEICO insurance agency help you with Homeowners Insurance

(gecko's foot touches)

Gecko: and protect yourself from things like fire, theft, or in this case: water damage.

(camera scrolls up to a view of a bedroom of children screaming while playing in a pool with a dog)

Kid: (jumps into the pool) CANNONBALL!


(another kid spraying water at him with a hose, while the dog barks,

(Cut back to: Living Room - with more water dripping as the puddle expands)

Gecko: Now if I had to guess, I'd say somewhere upstairs, there's a broken pipe.

(Cut back to: Bedroom)

(Logo: GEICO)

(Text: Or contact your local office)

VO: Let the GEICO insurance agency help you with Homeowners Insurance. Call today to see how much you could save.


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