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2001 - Even a Gecko Needed an Answering Machine


Geico Commercial - Gecko's Answering Machine

Answering Machine is the commercial while the gecko is eating toast while listening to a call receiver.


  • Commercial First Aired: December 16, 2019
  • Commercial Last Aired: February 10, 2020

Voice Actors


(Scene: Kitchen - An answering machine makes a beeping noise. A gecko is eating toast for lunchtime while listening.)

Gecko (on hold): You've reached the gecko. You probably wanted GEICO which could save you hundreds on car insurance. Don't be embarrassed, it happens all the time. Have a nice day.

(makes another beeping noise while wiping it off)

(Cut to: GEICO logo)


(Text: to be continued)

VO: GEICO. A Fifteen minute call could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.